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advancis offers a collection of mobile app solutions, digital publishing solutions, eLearning resources, software applications and push technology solutions to help you transform your web site into a powerful communications and business tool. Real answers to the problems and challenges that prevent companies from realizing the full-profit potential of their online activities.

Mobile Apps for iOs, Android and more... advancis Mobile Apps Development
Before it was cool, we knew. Did you know that advancis started building apps for the iPod back in 2004?

Join one of the pioneers in mobile app development and start taking advantage of new and fun ways to reach your audience. Our streamlined and simplified development process means that you can now get a mobile app suited for all major platforms and devices at a reasonable cost. | more

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Add a new dimension to your business Responsive Digital Brochures
Nothing brings your customers closer to your products than Virtual Reality. Thanks to computers and mobile devices becoming powerful enough to offer an immersive virtual environment, VR is now taken off.

Give your online business initiatives new life with customized VR solutions from advancis. It's easier than you think.

Clever solutions are available for Video games, Training, Education, Fine arts, Heritage and archaeology, Architectural design, Urban design, Therapy, Conferences and trade shows, Product demos, Medical projects and Augmented reality.

Digital Brochures Reinvented (2003). Again (2023). Responsive Digital Brochures
advancis has been producing quality digital brochures since 1999 ... and reinventing the concept ever since. The new digital brochure has been redesigned from the ground up and is packed with innovative features that make a lot of sense today in light of social media habits, mobile apps' popularity and a growing consensus that so-called "mobile-friendly" versions are not sufficiently reader-friendly.

If you have been disappointed with PDF converters, we invite you to discover a completely different solution. You will be surprised what can be done with today's technologies. | more

ReadyWeb Affordable Responsive Web Sites for Small Businesses ReadyWeb Responsive web sites - Designed for You.
One site ... and you are SmartPhoneReady, TabletReady, DesktopReady, RetinaReady, Social NetworkingReady and Modern BrowserReady.

Designed for modern browsers, ReadyWeb Responsive web sites represent a cost-effective way for small businesses to compete in an App-driven market. . | more

ReadyLive Push Notifications. Simplified. ReadyLive Push Notifications
Push Notifications for non-developers.

One simple solution to reach all major browsers on the desktop: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. | more

From eBrand to Powerful eBrand Build. Protect. Transform your brands and eBrands into power eBrands. eBranding
Ready to Build a power eBrand? Introducing From eBrand to Powerful eBrand -- a comprehensive eLearning resource designed to help you do just that...

In less than 2 weeks, learn how to build an eBrand your customers will trust and really, really like. The emphasis is on forging an emotional relationship between your eBrand and its audience. Suddenly, your eBrand is not just the name on a site anymore; customers feel a special bond with your eBrand. No other eBrand can take its place | more

Online Advantage One resource. One focus. One carefully-developed and superbly-implemented Internet strategy Online Advantage
Meet Online Advantage - a comprehensive, web-based eLearning resource designed to provide executives and their staff with practical content and expertise they can put to use right away to improve the ROI, and ultimately the profitability, of online initiatives.

In all, 70+ eBusiness topics fundamental to realizing the full-profit potential of your online activities available whenever you need answers and guidance.

Now featuring clever anti-SPAM strategies to help your company free itself from the paralyzing effects of unsolicited emails as well as Network Security strategies | more

advancis eBooks Now Available on the iTunes Store, Amazon and Nook advancis eBooks selection
From eBranding to online marketing campaigns, we have made the entire collection of advancis books available for your iPad, Kindle, Nook or android mobile device.

Get them today on and always be in the know for that important meeting or presentation:

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