Internet and Web resources to give your company an edge in the e-marketplace

Smart Internet solutions
for large and mid-sized companies™ offers three different programs designed to help the community, give students access to top Internet business tools at academic prices, and provide an extra revenue stream for online companies.

1. Charitable organizations offers special discounts on its products to non-profit organizations that wish to promote their causes using the World Wide Web. Please contact us for details.

2. Students' Corner
Now, students can enjoy the most comprehensive Internet business tool to get an edge during interviews and job search. This fully-functional version of Online Advantage is available to full-time students at a special educational price. Visit the Students' Corner for details.

3. Partner program
Online companies will soon have the chance to offer smart Internet solutions on their web sites to generate additional revenue streams. Click here to be notified of the program launch.




Web and Internet solutions for e-business
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