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Described as “a powerful new way to keep users engaged with your website” by Apple, Desktop Push Notifications are probably one of the most exciting online marketing developments.

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Push Notifications. Simplified. All the power of Push Notifications for Apps now coming to your web site. And ReadyLive makes it so simple, you don't even need a Tech guy (or girl).

All modern web browsers covered.

Safari Push Notifications
Safari Open or closed, Safari delivers. Reach users even when they are not on your web site or surfing the web.
Edge Push Notifications
Edge Exciting new features like AI support and Copilot make Edge the ideal app for users who want a new web browsing experience.
Chrome Push Notifications
Chrome Fast becoming the world's most popular web browser, Chrome allows you to engage the largest segment of web users.
Firefox push notification
Firefox The darling of the technical world, Firefox completes a line up of exciting web browsers you can rely on to deliver your push notifications.

So, what does Modern Web Browser really mean? Your users will need the following versions installed to receive push notifications. Safari requires Mac OS X Mavericks or later. Edge requires Windows 10 or later. Chrome version 32 or later and Firefox 33 are needed. All trademarks and logos are the property their respective owners.

Cool new features you can actually understand.
And use.

Roll-over Push Notifications Did not send all your push notifications in a given month? Unused Push Notifications roll over so that you can use them at a later date. Very convenient as your audience grows.
No App Needed If you already have a web site, you are almost done! It's that simple. ReadyLive brings the power of Push Notifications to the Desktop so you can engage your users even if you do not offer a mobile app.
Simple, Turn-key Solution Let's face it, we may have adopted a digital lifestyle, but not everyone is comfortable dealing with technology or programming languages. That's ok. ReadyLive was designed to be simple, easy to use, and easily added to any web site.
Opt-in Only Users are always prompted for permission before receiving Push Notifications from you and only you. Built to best fit each web browser's architecture, permission requests ensure you can build a private and trusted line of communications with your audience over time.

Born in 1999, ReadyLive was already pushing messages to Windows Desktops before it was cool. Back then, it used screensavers as an interactive platform. Today, ReadyLive evolves to reflect a changing web environment which has become fragmented and expensive for a lot of businesses. Ingeniosity meets Technology meets Simplicity to bring you clever ways to communicate with your visitors for less. How does as low as $0.003 each time you want to engage a visitor sound?

Simple Packages to get you up and notifying in no time.
Need a custom solution for your enterprise? Contact us directly.

Ready Live Basic package Advanced package
Number of Push Notifications 100,000 (per month) 200,000 (per month)
Roll-over Push Notifications yes yes
Apple Push Network Certificate yes yes
Google Cloud Messaging API Key yes yes
Internet Explorer Live Tile Integration
yes yes
Web Browser Compatibility
(Desktop versions)
Safari (Mac), Edge (Windows), Chrome, Firefox Safari (Mac), Edge (Windows), Chrome, Firefox
GeoLocation 1 yes yes
Test Devices 50 Unlimited
Tags 100 200
Live Tags
(Edit, add, remove at any time)
yes yes
Self-healing Subscriber Profiles
(Get more subscribers, keep them for longer)
yes yes
Stunning Push Notification Subscriber Interface yes yes
Company Name featured in Push Notifications yes yes
Company Logo featured in Push Notifications yes
Annual plans only
Annual plans only
Tracking & Reporting yes yes
1Geolocation data varies by country. Country, Regional/State, City data available for the majority of users. Some data may not be available if user relies on proxy servers for example.

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