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There are eBrands and, then, there are powerful eBrands. eBrands whose impeccable reputation for respecting their audiences' comfort zone has made them THE reference in their respective sectors. These are the eBrands consumers and professionals feel they can't do without; customers have adopted the eBrand's site and online applications which have become part of their lives or become the way to perform a particular task.

Power eBrands have adapted to the expanded definition of meeting the expectations of their audiences online. For customers, the eBrands are not just the name on a web site anymore; they feel a special connection with the eBrands; no other eBrand can take their place.

Meet From eBrand to Powerful eBrand - the first comprehensive web-based eLearning resource designed to help you do just that ... Build. Protect. Transform your brands and eBrands into power eBrands.

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