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Clever tools to help your team before, during, and after it has decided on an eBranding strategy | From executives to assistants, users benefit from a suite of powerful features designed to help them at key stages of eBrand building initiatives. Tools include (1) interactive slide shows to acquire expertise on key topics, (2) Getting to work sections to get started quickly, (3) Expert advice offering guidelines and directions, and (4) worksheets to tailor concepts / strategies to your specific situation ...

Web-based application | FBtoPB is offered as a web-based application accessible via any web browser. This ensures that every user will have access to the latest information, strategies, and resources as the application is updated. Plus, web hosting makes collaborating on eBranding initiative development/execution easier as employees have access to the same application from any office or location. One resource. One focus. One direction.

Graphical interface | FBtoPB is simple to use. The dynamic graphical interface gives you access to everything you need to build a power eBrand. You can access all the tools from the main interface; worksheets, tutorials, expert advice, getting to work guidelines, interactive slideshows are all at your fingertips.

Expert advice | Designed to give your company an edge on the Internet, the Expert advice section offers guidelines, recommendations, and advice from eBranding experts to help you optimize the impact of your efforts at every stage of your eBrand transformation.

Getting to Work | This feature fuses knowledge and action by clearly illustrating how to use supporting resources, such as worksheets and outlines with the information presented in the module, to help users develop and execute a solid eBranding strategy that fits their overall organizational goals. As a results, executives know that the entire team will use a fully-integrated approach to achieve desired marketing / business outcomes online.

FBtoPB email updates | Because eBusiness environments evolve rapidly, FBtoPB will be continuously updated and upgraded to provide users with the latest information, tools and resources to give their companies an edge on the Internet. Every user will receive periodic email updates informing them of new additions, new content, and new tools featured in the application.

This way, companies will be able to enjoy first-mover advantages as they apply new concepts, incorporate new technologies and react quickly to changes in market preferences/conditions.

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From eBrand to Powerful eBrand |

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