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Digital Brochures
10+ New Stunning Features



Digital brochures introducitonDigital brochures introduciton
Digital brochures in detail
Digital brochures in detail
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Highest legibility on any device

Nothing says horrible experience like text that is not legible. Digital brochures are not digital microfilms; yet pages on mobile devices are consistently presented as thumbnails that must be constantly zoomed on and panned to become readable.

Clever, free-flowing layouts make it possible to display, for the first time, text legible by default on phones, tablets, and computers. And that's not all. Another superb feature for text-rich documents is the introduction of the optimal line length on any device which ensures that legibility translates into readability. When combined, these new features produce a reading experience like no other to facilitate content consumption.

Self-adjusting interface as unique as each reader

An interface that continuously adapts itself as a result of user interaction. The interface learns from each reader's preferences to optimize its layout and composition so as to become the ultimate interface. A tailored reading experience every time, for every environment.

No Flash. No outdated technology

Recent articles in major IT publications and a new wave of hacker exploits have highlighted the fact that Flash is outdated and insecure. Protect your brand and avoid becoming the next PR nightmare succumbing to attacks by forgoing aging technologies.
To that end, unsafe browsers are no longer supported. This affects less than 9% of installed browsers whose users are offered an alternative way of viewing content.

Advanced search engine with in-page results

Finally, a brochure that actually highlights search results within the page itself. Prospects find what they are looking for right away, eliminating annoying and unnecessary steps like having to scan (not to mention click / zoom / pan) an entire page to find the section of interest.

Meet Dashboard

Introducing the first Dashboard in a digital brochure application. Popular apps feature Dashboards because users love them. Far better than navigational bars and confusing buttons, Dashboard offers an expanded view of the brochure's tools and resolves one of the biggest usability issues on mobile devices: the absence of hover states for buttons.
As a result, it is difficult for users to know what does what within an interface. Dashboard eliminates the problem in a very elegant and logical manner.

Touch AND motion-based navigation

Designing for touch screens… that's the easy part. Designing to take full advantage of motion-sensors is the magical part. Readers, for the first time, can operate the brochure by moving and tilting their phones or tablets to simulate reading a real paper document. The reading experience is uninterrupted. A complex interface is unnecessary. The experience is unparalleled.

Takes full advantage of web browsers' Reader feature both on the desktop and on mobile devices

Now, your content is even more accessible thanks to the Reader option that has been added to many web browsers. In one click, readers get a streamlined edition of your brochure.

Enhanced social features including ability to share elements within a page

Enhanced social features mean, for example, that every single image in your digital brochure can be directly pinned to the reader's Pininterest Board. Extremely valued by social media users, this awesome feature is now available in your brochure.

Of course, you can also take advantage of the high-level social sharing features to all major networks including Google+, Twitter / X, FaceBook, Pininterest, and LinkedIn. All out of the box in Dashboard.

social sharing google+social sharing on Pininterestsocial sharing on facebooksocial sharing linkedInsocial sharing on Twitter

Search Optimization (SO) and SO+

The absence of Flash means that the content is more accessible to SE because content is unobstructed making easy for SE to follow/index.

In addition, the new digital brochure offers, for the first time, SO+ to companies that intend to drive the majority of their traffic from SE. The addition of structured data to your brochure pages not only allows SE to index your brochure pages but also to understand their content. As a result, SE like Google can create rich Snippets — detailed information about your product, service, event, company or brand to help users with specific queries. Rich snippets help users recognize your brochure is relevant to their search and make it stand out in search results.

The whole picture … and page

Your brochure — in all its splendor. Without unnecessary buttons and cumbersome navigation bars, your pages occupy the entire space making content more legible on device. The first thing readers notice however is the simplicity of the layout, making it an attractive solution for less-experienced users and eBook fans.

Apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Fifteen years of digital brochure development experience have taught us that readers want to take your brochure with them even when they leave your web site.
digital brochure android appdigital brochure iOS appdigital brochure mac appdigital brochure windows app
Apps, not just for iOS and Android, but also Macs and PCs ensure that you will not lose a valuable audience that has accounted over the years for between 25% and 35% of total readership. The new digital brochure offers more App options than any other digital brochure solution.

Print wirelessly from mobiles and tablets

A streamlined printing engine means that readers can now print your brochure or any page wirelessly directly from their smartphone or tablet. Not just a miniature version but a perfectly laid out and legible version of the brochure. Ironically, people like to print key pages of digital brochures to such an extent that Printing has consistently remained one of the most valuable features over the years.

True mobile brochures. Not just "mobile-friendly"

Marketers can't expect their prospects to continuously click, pan and zoom on every single page to read a mobile brochure and still call the brochures mobile-friendly. Say goodbye to carousels and CPU-intensive design gimmicks than crash slower devices, to cumbersome interfaces and miniature pages with links unfortunately too small for a finger to tap on.

PDF converters have fallen short of expectations when it comes to delivering a useable digital document because the mobile market has matured more rapidly than their solutions. A third of your audience is likely to open your brochure on a mobile or tablet. Even more if you plan to email your documents. It's time to take advantage of True mobile digital brochures.

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