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advancis offers a line of smart Internet solutions designed to help small organizations take full advantage of the World Wide Web.

These solutions make it possible for enterprises with limited resources to incorporate the latest Internet technologies and techniques to create a competitive advantage on the Web.

Whether you need to differentiate your company on the Web, establish a global presence, transform your web site into a powerful communications and business tool, or build a solid foundation for your e-business, you will find the tools and applications needed to make it happen.

Join us in the eCenter today to access HOW-TO articles written specifically for small and mid-sized companies.

Can small businesses succeed on the World Wide Web?


Through the integration of advanced Internet technologies and the use of powerful software applications, small and mid-sized enterprises can now realize their full potential on the Web even with limited budgets.

The idea is simple: give companies with limited resources the tools and knowledge they need to compete effectively against larger and better-known companies.


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1. Ready-to-use Web designs
2. Start getting the results you want today
  3. Take your web site to the next level
  4. Successful Internet marketing starts here
  5. Free resources to give your business an edge on the Web
  6. Special offers



  1. Ready-to-use web designs
Web site design  

The premier source for professional web page designs.

Make your web site stand out with this unique collection of
headers, buttons, and web page designs. ReadyWeb™ has been developed for companies that need to quickly establish a global presence on the Web. With ReadyWeb, you have access to more than 30,000 buttons and headers in 11 languages. Plus,15 high-impact web page templates have already been created for you; it has never been easier to design a professional-looking web sites. (more)

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  2. Start getting the results you want today
Online Advantage  

Meet Online Advantage - Your personal Internet consultant.

This comprehensive package includes a suite of software modules and tools to guide you through the process of developing and implementing the Internet strategy that is right for your company.

If you need help with web design, web site structure, Internet marketing, web statistics analysis, web site development, and Internet strategy, then Online advantage is right for you.

The best part: it is easy to use. Turn your business into a web-smart organization in no time. (more)

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  3. Take your web site to the next level
Push technology  

Take your web site to the next level with push technology.

ReadyLive™ fuses the power of the World Wide Web with the convenience of push technology to give companies a real advantage on the Internet. ReadyLive delivers a new dimension to your company's Internet-based activities with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Novice and experts users alike will be able to add powerful push technology to their web sites in no time. Keep your visitors connected to your company every time they use their computers. (more)

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  4. Successful Internet marketing starts here

Through its global network of full-service advertising agencies, advancis gives small businesses access to premium marketing services à la carte. Do more with less thanks to a line of clever traditional marketing services and innovative Internet solutions.

Visit the agencies' sites for more details:

advancis agency network

agency.advancis (USA / Canada / Mexcico)

agence.advancis (France / Belgium / Switzerland / Luxemburg)

agenzia.advancis (Italia)

advancis.agentur (Austria / Germany / Switzerland)

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  5. Free resources to give your business an edge on the Web

Join web professionals worldwide who rely on advancis.com free Internet resources to get an edge on the Web.

Now, it is easier to keep abreast of the latest Internet and ecommerce developments with the advancis.com eCenter. Get news, tips and techniques for creating powerful web strategies, and access to free resources in one location. Plus, with the addition of more resources in the future, the eCenter will become the number one source of Internet-related news and resources for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Make the most of this free resource; click here to find out how to make the eCenter page your browser's home page.
In an effort to keep you connected to Internet and ecommerce news as it happens, advancis offers two free news services: the advancis.com eNews alert and ReadyLive, the official push program from advancis.com. Click here to find out more.

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 6. Special offers
Be sure to visit this section often to take advantage of great deals on select advancis.com solutions. Current specials include:
Savings on regular product prices with this special small business bundle. Take advantage of this special offer today.

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