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Can small businesses succeed on the Web?

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

Despite the popular belief that having a web site will open new markets and generate new sources of revenue, most small companies have yet to see solid results materialize from their Internet activities. For many, one thing is becoming clear: a presence on the Internet does not guarantee success. In fact, even a strong presence can not ensure that your company will benefit from the Internet.

As bitter as the realization can be, it is crucial to building a winning web site because it forces one to accept that some commonly-believed myths about doing business on the Web are just that: myths. Overnight success; think again. What works for others will work for us; I would not bet your company's future on it. If you build it, they will come, look and buy; we all know the answer to this one.

So, stop waiting for success to knock at your home page; it's time to take control of your Internet activities. The important thing to remember is that as a small company you must make the most out of every opportunity to turn visitors into customers. Competition on the Internet is becoming increasingly intense and expensive. You need to optimize the impact of your efforts at every stage of the customer online experience.

In this article, we highlight 7 areas that represent the best opportunities for small businesses to enhance their performance on the Web.

Priority email
Keep an eye on your competitors
You are not a web expert, but...
Keep it professional, please.
Desirez-vous une demonstration de ce produit?
Measure, measure, measure
The power of a domain name



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