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Full-service interactive / advertising agencies| offers marketing executives the best of both worlds with innovative Internet marketing solutions and clever traditional marketing programs specifically designed for premium and well-known brands.

You offer above-average products / services, you should therefore enjoy above-average results on line and off.

Sectors covered include : IT | Telecom | Internet, Banking | Finance, Medical | Healthcare, Insurance, Engineering, Corporate management, Media | Broadcasting, Transportation, Industrial, Consumers, and others.

Note: all Internet marketing services are now directly offered on the web sites: [ USA, Canada, Mexico ] [ UK, Ireland ]

agence.advancis [ France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland ]

agenzia.advancis [ Italy ]

advancis.agentur [ Germany, Austria, Switzerland ]

a la carte Internet marketing services

advancis Web Hosting | Managed VPS plans

For 20+ years, advancis has been offering state-of-the-art and reliable web hosting solutions for organizations of all sizes. Managed Virtual Private servers as well as Bare Metal hosting are available to meet your needs.

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Entertainment meets technology | Mobile game development, production and marketing.

advancis.studios is the fun side of advancis where entertainment meets technology to offer a wide range of services for the video gaming industry. With an emphasis on the exploding mobile games segment, advancis.studios leverages our technology expertise and marketing experience to produce games that take advantage of emerging distribution and advertising opportunities. Check out our latest titles.

Internet consulting services & on-site seminars | Emphasizing the business part of ebusiness. Whether you want to transform your site into a powerful business and communications tool or develop a profitable Internet business model, bring your staff up-to-date on the latest privacy and security developments, can help you by focusing your efforts on customer-driven Internet initiatives.

Areas of expertise
Building customer-driven web sites that recognize the differences in visitors' information needs, present the right content to the right person at the right time in the decision making process, and influence their purchase decisions.
  Taking online activities to the next level by transforming web sites that can take orders into web sites that can sell.
  Developing and executing solid Internet strategies that optimize your target market's adoption of your web site and web-based applications.
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Other resources
Deepen your knowledge of ebusiness issues, trends, and strategies with this series of in-depth articles available at the advancis eCenter:

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a new perspective on Internet marketing
eCommerce is not about selling
Building a powerful eBrand
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