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First-mover advantage: a new perspective on Internet marketing

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

What happens when too many companies use the same marketing techniques to reach their audiences? Too often confusion, and, above all, little results. Welcome to the new world of marketing on the Internet, a world where thousands of companies are competing for the attention of your prospects and customers. And because Internet marketing offers significant cost-advantages over traditional marketing vehicles, there is no shortage of "emarketing" messages. Your audience is continuously bombarded with ads and incredible offers. It is not surprising that hundreds of marketing professionals are finding themselves at a loss, unable to explain why they are getting no significant results while others seem to generate unheard of response rates by marketing their offerings on the Web.

Make no mistake; Internet marketing represents a powerful way to deliver your messages, reach your audience and sell your products. Yet, to achieve significant results, marketing professionals must carefully avoid 4 pitfalls of marketing on the Web.


Pitfall 1. Too late to the game
Pitfall 2. Too easy to forget the rules
Pitfall 3. Failing to use the right tool for the right job
Pitfall 4. Falling victim to spammarketing


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