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advancis.com launches 19.99 for 2000 Millenium Promotion - For a few hours only, all products will be offered at once-in-a-millennium prices.


advancis.com announced today the launch of the 19.99 for 2000 Millennium
Promotion During a few hours only, companies worldwide will be able to purchase advancis.com's flagship products at once-in-a-Millennium prices. As we transition from 1999 to 2000, all advancis.com products will be priced at US $ 99. To celebrate the new millennium, a total of 1000 software copies will be offered during this special promotional event. MAC and Windows versions will be available.

"All advancis.com products have been included in this promotion; no exceptions. We wanted to mark this special date in a strong way. The result: a total of 1000 copies up for grabs. This represents a huge giveaway, about $ 346,000 to be exact" stated Claudie Clot, Chief Executive Officer of advancis.com.

The thousand units have been broken down as follows:
50 copies of
250 copies of
Online Advantage 1.0
400 copies of
ReadyWeb™ - North American version
300 copies of
ReadyWeb™ - Full version

The street prices for the products are US$ 1,295, US$ 695, US$ 199, and US$ 425 respectively. "This promotion gives companies the chance to obtain top Internet tools to start 2000 on a strong note", said Claudie Clot. The products cover 3 main categories: web design, web site development, and Internet consulting. Companies will be able to place orders online on the advancis.com web site or through ReadyLive™.

The exact times and days of the promotion will be revealed to the public in 3 ways: (1) on the advancis.com web site, (2) via email through the advancis.com eNewsletter, and (3) via ReadyLive. All copies will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

A few restrictions, such as a limit of one(1) product per individual and/or organization will apply, to give all companies the chance to participate in and benefit from the promotion.
The Millennium promotion also marks the beginning of a more aggressive marketing campaign for the company which will include print and radio advertising in its marketing mix next year.

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