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advancis.com introduces Online Advantage+, the professional choice for developing winning web site strategies.


advancis.com announced today the availability of Online Advantage+, a Windows-based software package which combines two powerful applications to help businesses create solid web site strategies. The comprehensive package includes Online Advantage 1.0 and Virtual WebTrends 4.0 to offer companies the tools and framework they need to transform their web sites into powerful communications and business tools.

The solution serves as a personal Internet consultant and fills an important gap in web site development: the creation of solid web site strategies. As web sites migrate from simple marketing tools to vital elements of every business plan, the importance of developing a web site strategy is growing dramatically. Stated Bertrand Balzano, President of advancis.com, " most companies have spent their efforts on designing web sites and adding e-commerce functionality without really developing a strong web strategy. As a result, it is not surprising to see surveys showing that a large number of web surfers feel confused and frustrated by complicated sites. Unfortunately, this confusion and frustration often translates in lost revenue opportunities."

The package includes Online Advantage 1.0's set of software modules designed to take web professionals, step by step, through the critical process of developing the Internet strategy that is right for their organizations. The modules cover topics such as,

1. Defining your organization's e-business environment
2. Developing winning online strategies
3. Designing effective web sites and web pages
4. Promoting your online activities effectively
5. Increasing the effectiveness of your web site over time
6. Building next-generation web sites
7. Organizing your resources for competitive advantage

Online Advantage+ has been designed with the needs of nontechnical professionals in mind. A dynamic graphical interface provides everything marketing and corporate executives need to create the web site strategy that is right for their companies. Plus, worksheets and educational tools have been included to help them prepare their businesses for the realities of business on the Internet.


Online Advantage+ quick facts
Online Advantage+ is offered at US$ 745 and 745 Euros for organizations located in the EU. System requirements include Windows 95 and Windows 98, 40 MB of free hard-disk space, and 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended).


About advancis.com
Since its inception, advancis.com has focused its efforts and resources on developing and marketing software applications as well as web-based services that help small and mid-sized organizations take full advantage of the World Wide Web. Through the development of smart Internet solutions, advancis.com makes it possible for enterprises with limited resources to incorporate the latest Internet technologies and techniques to create a competitive advantage on the Web. The company's smart Internet solutions include ReadyWeb™, ReadyLive™, and Online Advantage. In addition, advancis.com has teamed up with some of the Web's leading companies to offer a variety of web-based services designed to give organizations an extra edge on the Internet.

Through the integration of advanced Internet technologies and the use of powerful software applications, small and mid-sized enterprises can now realize their full potential on the Web even with limited budgets. The idea is simple: give companies with limited resources the tools and knowledge they need to compete effectively against larger and better-known companies.


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