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advancis.com announces special introductory offer for Online Advantage 1.0


advancis.com announced today that Online Advantage 1.0 will be offered at a 15% discount when customers place their orders online. The offer ends on 11/30/99. Online Advantage is a comprehensive software package designed to help companies develop winning web site strategies even on limited budgets. Online Advantage gives professionals the tools,
guidelines, and framework to create web site strategies that get results.

Stated Bertrand Balzano, President of advancis.com, "whether you want to establish a global presence, sell your products and services on the Web, or strengthen your relationships with customers and partners, you will benefit from Online Advantage's unique set of features."

Seven software modules have been included to guide users during all phases of web site strategy development. Step by step, they will define your organization's e-business environment, build a solid foundation for all their e-business activities, develop systems to continually increase the effectiveness of the web site over time, grow Internet-based activities by successfully building next-generation web sites, and organize their resources for competitive advantage on the Web, Online Advantage is available for both Windows and MAC platform.

The package has an estimated street price of US $ 695 and 695 Euros in the EC.

About advancis.com
Since its inception, advancis.com has focused its efforts and resources on developing and marketing software applications as well as web-based services that help small and mid-sized organizations take full advantage of the World Wide Web. Through the development of smart Internet solutions, advancis.com makes it possible for enterprises with limited resources to incorporate the latest Internet technologies and techniques to create a competitive advantage on the Web. The company's smart Internet solutions include ReadyWeb™, ReadyLive™, and Online Advantage. In addition, advancis.com has teamed up with some of the Web's leading companies to offer a variety of web-based services designed to give organizations an extra edge on the Internet.

Through the integration of advanced Internet technologies and the use of powerful software applications, small and mid-sized enterprises can now realize their full potential on the Web even with limited budgets. The idea is simple: give companies with limited resources the tools and knowledge they need to compete effectively against larger and better-known companies.

Note to editors: For more information about Online Advantage, please visit the product section.

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