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 02/08/2004 launches Online Advantage 4.0 - a web-based eLearning resource designed to help companies realize the full-profit potential of their online initiatives.


advancis introduced today version 4.0 of its executive eLearning resource, Online Advantage. At the heart of the new version are two significant content additions that reflect the challenges companies will face in 2004, namely, liberating employees from the paralyzing effects of unsolicited email and bridging the gap between IT and business professionals.

Online Advantage 4.0 offers clever anti-SPAM strategies designed to make a company's employees virtually invisible to spammers. These proactive approaches have proven very effective during a two-year testing phase, reducing unsolicited emails to between 0 and 5 a month per account versus dozens a day under normal conditions. But more importantly, 100 percent of the legitimate emails were delivered. "For email to remain a viable corporate communications tool, two things must happen: first, absolutely all legitimate email messages must get through to the intended recipients. Second, the number of unsolicited emails must be minimized to the point where SPAM is no longer an issue. Too many filter-based strategies are focused on eliminating SPAM while reducing the number of false positives. Unfortunately, these approaches still put at risk business relationships by blocking potentially-critical legitimate email messages. The reserved approach is very effective and better suited for the realities of conducting business online", stated Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.

With a strong emphasis on the business side of eBusiness, Online Advantage fuses solid strategic, marketing, business and ecommerce principles to ensure that all employees (IT and non-IT professionals) involved in a company's eBusiness efforts speak the same language. Content is concise and easy to understand, with just enough technical terminology and business concepts to give employees the ability to view problems and challenges from all angles. This means that companies can do more with the IT investments they have already made. One resource. One focus. One carefully-developed and superbly-implemented Internet strategy.

Online Advantage quick Facts
Online Advantage is a collection of web modules and supporting tools (worksheets, online surveys, expert advice features) designed to provide busy professionals with practical content and expertise they can put to use right away to realize the full-profit potential of their company's online activities.

In all, 70+ topics are organized in 8 modules which include:
1. Defining your organization's e-business environment
2. Developing winning Internet strategies
3. Building customer-driven web sites
4. Internet Marketing - Opportunities/ Programs / Strategies for 2004
5. Increasing the effectiveness of your web site
6. Building next-generation web sites
7. Organizing your staff / resources for competitive advantage
8. Ready-to-use online surveys in Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish. The 24 surveys cover key topics such as shopping cart abandonment, web usability issues as they relate to web site adoption, and eBrand building.

Online Advantage is offered as a web-hosted application accessible via any web browser, It is compatible with the following platforms: Windows 95 ... XP; MAC OS 8.5 or later; MAC OS X.

Single-user license (one year subscription) - Site licenses available.
North America European Community Other countries
US$ 1295 1295 euros (+ applicable sales taxes) US$ 1295

(Click here for details about Online Advantage 4.0)

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