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advancis celebrates 10 years of digital brochure development and production.

11/03/09 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis celebrated today its 10th year developing and producing high-quality digital brochures. The company was among a handful of companies that pioneered a concept which has become very popular as thousands of companies worldwide embrace the format to present their marketing collateral online. Today, most of the pioneers who took a chance of this innovative idea have unfortunately disappeared often because of a reliance on proprietary technology.

While a new group of mass-producers emerged in 2006 with a one-size-fits-all strategy, advancis has remained true to the original concept of digital publications designed to fit the particular needs of marketers."Marketers spend a tremendous amount of effort differentiating their print collateral to get an edge. It does not make sense to turn these publications into me-too brochures once online. Marketers want choices and options to translate their knowledge and strategies online", stated Julien Luc, Director of Marketing at advancis. "With advancis' customized solutions, marketers have relevant options, options that give them an edge in their markets", continued Luc.

Background information
First introduced in Fall 1999, the advancis digital brochure product line quickly evolved to include solutions for web browsers (1999), Mac and Windows platforms (2000), Windows CE (2003), Mobile Phones (2004) and Apple iPod (2005). A Kindle eBook was published in 2009 to help companies transition from paper to digital paper. The book is available exclusively on amazon.

Note to editors
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