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advancis® launches new, streamlined eStore

10/19/2023 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis launches a new, streamlined version of its eStore capable of handling 9X more traffic with 3X faster read/write speeds.

The new advancis® eStore benefits from a combination of solid technology advances and refined site design to deliver a fast and pleasant user experience.

At the core of this upgrade, non-volatile memory hosting, Quick UDP Internet connections, Edge Side Includes, and optimal configurations.

Non-volatile memory hosting provides up to 3X faster read/write speeds while Quick UDP connections lowers latency by creating multiplexed connections between communicating computers, unlike TCP which requires multiple trips to display a website. Edge Side Includes add fexilible cacheability whereby portions of pages can be designated as cacheable or not.

"Combined, these technologies produce 20X faster page loads. This is a real difference customers will enjoy right away", noted Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.

"The eStore was introduced in 1999 and has periodically been improved over the years to meet the evolving Internet landscape. The new update marks the most significant change both to the back-end and web site", added Julien Luc, Director at advancis.

Based on
the response received, the new technologies will be introduced in the different advancis® Hosting platforms and made available to clients in the near future.


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