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advancis announces the opening of advancis.agency UK _ an advertising agency designed to facilitate the execution of global marketing campaigns


advancis announced today the launch of advancis.agency UK _ a full-service advertising agency serving England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The agency will specialize in helping UK- and Ireland-based companies repeat the success of their national advertising campaigns abroad. To this end, advancis.agency aims to facilitate the execution of European and international marketing campaigns by providing a direct access to email marketing lists, web sites and online/offline opportunities from the world's most respected publishers.

"We are very excited about the expansion of the advancis agency network into the UK and Ireland", stated Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis. "The addition of advancis.agency UK puts us in a position to better serve the needs of our existing client base in the UK. For the past few years, advancis has been particularly successful at helping UK clients penetrate international markets thanks to a complete line of premium online and offline advertising services that rivals or even surpasses the quality of the media and tools used for in their national campaigns. As a result, clients have been able reliably execute advertising campaigns in foreign markets with the same impact they enjoyed locally" continued Clot.

"Obviously, the creation of the UK presence also means that advancis will develop its ability to execute advertising campaigns within the UK markets. This, in turn, is exciting for clients who count the UK marketplace as a target market" concluded Clot.

A key factor differentiating advancis.agency's line of services will be its focus on promoting premium brands. "Advertising well-known brands, especially online, has become very risky because a mistake can seriously damage the brand's image. For example, with spam lists being disguised as legitimate opt-in email lists, marketing managers can, at any moment, accidentally use an online marketing tool that may erase years of brand-building efforts. The problem is compounded when marketing abroad because it is not always easy to evaluate the quality of advertising opportunities in foreign languages" stated Bertrand Balzano, Director of Marketing services at advancis. "For large companies, there is no room for error. No questionable lists or obscure sources can find their way in the marketing campaigns" continued Balzano.

"The idea is not to reinvent web or international marketing, but to concentrate on the media and online advertising vehicles that represent a better match for well-known brands and industry leaders" said Balzano.

While rare, premium vehicles can be found for every business and consumer sectors, but not necessarily from the typical advertising outlets. For example, to facilitate the execution of online marketing campaigns for premium brands, agence.advancis has regrouped under one service category the world's top premium online advertising opportunities in 15 key sectors:

IT, Telecom, Internet, Banking, Finance, Medical, Healthcare, Insurance, Engineering, Corporate management, Media, Broadcasting, Transportation, Industrial and Consumers.

advancis.agency's services at a glance

Interactive marketing

Email marketing

Ad banner advertising

Professional web design

Wireless web design


Rich media

Digital brochures

Online community sponsorships

Newsletter sponsorships

Integrated Internet marketing campaigns

Traditional marketing

Print advertising

Media planning

Brochure design

Integrated marketing campaigns

Public relations

Trade shows / exhibits

Direct marketing

Radio advertising

Corporate communications

Marketing research

Outdoor advertising

Product/Brand launches


About the advancis advertising agency network
advancis.agency is part of the advancis network of advertising agencies with a presence in Germany, France, Italy and the USA. Since 1999, advancis has made its mark by helping large companies and companies with premium brands achieve above-average results on the Web without putting their brands and eBrands are risk.

Note to editors
For further information, contact the advancis marketing department on:

(EU) +33(0)4 93 18 49 25
(US) 001 214-766-4854

or online at http://advancis.org.uk


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