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advancis releases new module for its eLearning Series

03/20/2023 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis adds eLearning module designed to help companies protect their eBrands and brands in poisonous political environments.

As the Presidential elections approach, it is the perfect time to ensure your staff is ready to meet the challenges of a poisonous political scene and avoid potential boycotts. The 2020 Presidential elections polarized voters like never before. Politicians were not always the cause as media outlets played an enormous role in creating a very intense environment for eBrands. Candidates got censored or booted off social networks. Some voters were happy, some were not. In the middle, eBrands being promoted on these outlets and platforms.

The new eLearning module guides users through the process of assessing the political scene for critical events which could make their eBrands unvoluntarily develop a political preference and lose some of its audience. These circumstances are beyond the control of marketers. Unfortunately, they cannot be ignored.

Throughout the module, users are educated on how to make their eBrands apolitical and adjust the execution of their strategy to shield them.

Real-life examples based events from the 2020 Presidential Elections and advice are offered to make each step more relevant to eBrand managers.

The new module brings the eLearning series to a total of 36 topics to create the most comprehensive eBranding learning tool.

The companion eBooks, Online Branding: The Complete reference - 2023 Edition, which offer a streamlined version for the executive suite, are already available on Amazon and the Apple Store.


Note to editors
For further information and demo codes for the eLearning Series, contact the advancis marketing department at:



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