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advancis introduces a completely new, totally reinvented digital brochure concept perfectly adapted for every screen and processor.

02/28/14 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis introduced today a new digital brochure concept redesigned from the ground up and packed with innovative features that make a lot of sense today in light of social media habits, mobile apps' popularity and a growing consensus that so-called "mobile-friendly" versions are not sufficiently reader-friendly.

For instance, clever, free-flowing layouts make it possible to display, for the first time, text legible by default on phones, tablets, and computers. Another useful feature for text-rich documents is the introduction of the optimal line length on all devices which ensures that legibility translates into readability. When combined, these new features produce a reading experience like no other to facilitate content consumption.

The new digital brochure uses an interface that continuously adapts itself as a result of user interaction. The interface learns from each reader's preferences to optimize its layout and composition so as to become the ultimate interface. A tailored reading experience every time, for every environment.

Its search engine highlights results directly within the page itself. Readers can now find what they are looking for right away, eliminating annoying and unnecessary steps like having to scan (not to mention click / zoom / pan) an entire page to find the section of interest.

Stated Bertrand Balzano, Director at advancis, "The experience is more pleasant, especially on mobile devices. Marketers can't expect their prospects to continuously click, pan and zoom on every single page to read a mobile brochure and still call the brochures mobile-friendly."

Readers, for the first time, will be able operate the brochure by moving and tilting their phones or tablets to simulate reading a real paper document. The reading experience is uninterrupted. A complex interface is unnecessary. Continued Balzano, "Designing for touch screens… that's the easy part. Designing to take full advantage of motion-sensors is the magical part."

Most digital brochures solutions fail to bring the latest advances and technological improvements to their readers because the products are essentially based on outdated technologies like Flash. The new concept corrects this weakness and combines some of the latest tools introduced by the top web browsers. For example, the brochure takes full advantage of modern web browsers' READER feature both on the Desktop and on mobile devices. This means that the brochure's content is even more accessible; in one click, readers get a streamlined edition of your brochure.

Some of the features were added based on advancis's knowledge and experience gained over the past fifteen years. Said Balzano, "Ironically, people like to print key pages of digital brochures to such an extent that printing has consistently remained one of the most valuable features over the years."

Consequently, readers will be able to print wirelessly from their mobiles thanks to a streamlined printing engine which spools a perfectly laid out and legible version of the brochure, not just a miniature version.

"PDF converters have fallen short of expectations when it comes to delivering a useable digital document because the mobile market has matured more rapidly than their solutions. A third of your audience is likely to open your brochure on a mobile or tablet. Even more if you plan to email your documents. It's time to take advantage of True mobile digital brochures", concluded Balzano.

Additional information can be found on the product's page.


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