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Leveraging its experience in building intuitive, simple interfaces, advancis develops clever mobile apps that find the right balance between user experience and the limitations of mobile and wearable devices.
pioneering mobile appsNearly 20 years of development experience have taught us that simplicity on screen and behind the screen means that your app will work as intended. Crashes are no fun and anger users as much as in-app ads. In fact, crashes are closely monitored by GooglePlay and Apple's App Store because they lead to app abandonment.
Simplicity also means less technological overhead in the long run to keep the app up-to-date. And that's always good on your budget.
Incredible new technologies and frameworks mean that your app will offer really meaningful experiences. For example, HealthKit and ResearchKit allow you to enhance your Health and Medical Reseach apps to offer your audience more meaningful fitness and health solutions. Virtual Reality frameworks bring amazing simulations and learning experiencing to mobile devices. Push notifications keep users in the loop where ever they may be. All available in your App.
Our motto, "Ingeniosity meets Technology meets Simplicity", applies here as well. If there is a simpler way to produce an app, it usually means that there is a less expensive way for you to achieve your objective. Let's look into this as well.
Contact us today. We have made it easy to get your apps on the major marketplaces and into the hands of your prospects even on their wrists (or dare we say where ever technology will take us) with wearable devices.
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Targeted platforms include: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartwatches), android, Windows phone.

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