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advancis introduces version 4 of its digital brochure line

advancis announced today the release of version 4 of its digital brochure product line. This release represents the most significant update to date and introduces new features such as dynamic video switching and a new printing engine that produces the highest-quality printouts in the industry.

Superb video quality | New enhancements to the video capabilities have opened doors for the ability to zoom on videos without quality degradation. In fact, as the size of the video increases, so does the quality. Users can now scrutinize product details in up to DVD-quality.

Enhanced printing | The new digital brochures feature a new printing engine that has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the latest printing technologies. The resulting printing quality is twice as high as the previous version's. This means that information that matters to the user always appears sharp and legible. It offers a concrete solution to the problem that is plaguing the digital brochure industry whereby the quality of printouts has deterred users from truly adopting this innovative document format.

Multiple devices | The advancis digital brochure is the first complete line for computers, PDAs, and mobile phones. Each version has been developed to take full advantage of the devices' capabilities to offer the same engaging user experience.

Improved performance | Significant improvements have been made to increase the performance of the digital brochure on slower machines. This series of enhancements has been targeted at the home users who don't update their computer systems as often as their corporate counterparts.

OS compatibility | MAC versions are still compatible with Mac OS X as well as Mac OS 9.x. Windows versions are compatible with Windows 98 or later.

As with previous versions, the digital brochures can be self-contained or web-based, delivered on a CD or incorporated in a web page. The brochures are available in more than a dozen languages and will be offered through the advancis advertising agency network.

About the advancis advertising agency network
advancis.agency, agence.advancis, agenzia.advancis and advancis.agentur are part of the advancis network of advertising agencies which spans Germany, France, Italy , the UK and the US. Since 1999, advancis has made its mark by helping large companies and companies with premium brands achieve above-average results on the Web without putting their brands and eBrands at risk.

Note to editors
For further information, contact the advancis marketing department at:

(EU) +33(0)4 93 18 49 25
(US) 001 214-766-4854

or online at http://advancis.com/Digital_brochure/ or http://advancis.com/eBrochure/


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