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advancis.com announces availability of ReadyLive™, a new software application that combines the power of the World Wide Web with the convenience of push technology to give companies an edge in the e-marketplace.


advancis.com announced today the introduction of ReadyLive™, a windows-based client application designed to deliver a new dimension to an organization's Internet-based activities by automatically delivering LIVE, fully-interactive content directly to the desktops of its audience.

Once installed, the application transforms the user's screen saver into a powerful communications and business tool. ReadyLive content can take the form of static or animated screens with direct links to web pages, web-based forms, ecommerce-enabled screens as well as multimedia and fully-interactive presentations.

Each ReadyLive application is designed to push a company's specific content. Therefore, each company has complete control over what its audience sees and does. Stated Bertrand Balzano, President of advancis.com, "whether you want to keep your audience informed about product developments and company news, announce special offers and programs, encourage the purchase of products by transforming the user's screen saver into an ecommerce-enabled system, ReadyLive gives you the tools you need to take your online activities to the next level."

ReadyLive complements web strategies by opening a new web-based communication channel between an organization and its audience. Prospects and customers can be connected to the organization's content and information every time they use their computers whether they visit its web site or not. Said Bertrand Balzano, "ReadyLive has been developed to overcome one of the biggest challenges facing companies on the Web today: the growing number of web sites competing for the same visitors. There are so many web sites that it is impossible for web surfers to visit all the sites they are interested in as often as they would like. As a result, small and mid-sized organizations tend to become isolated on the Internet as traffic is directed to the sites of well-known and larger companies. ReadyLive gives them a chance to constantly receive high-quality traffic despite increasing levels of competition."

ReadyLive content is easy to create because there are no special languages to learn. Following simple guidelines, novice and expert users alike will be able to create a push program in no time directly in their favorite HTML-editing program. More complex screens can also be created using advanced design tools.

As part of the ReadyLive package, the licensee receives a client application developed specifically to push its content. Every licensee has the right to distribute an unlimited number of applications to its audience. The package also includes a testing application and an extensive tutorial on creating powerful push programs and integrating ecommerce systems with ReadyLive. Finally, each ReadyLive user receives free technical support so that licensee can focus on developing content rather than supporting the users who have installed the application.

ReadyLive™ quick facts
ReadyLive™ is offered at US$ 1,295 and 1,295 Euros for organizations located in the EU. The application file size is about 1.1 MB which makes it perfect for distribution via the Internet or standard 3.5" diskettes. System requirements include: Windows 95 and Windows 98, Internet connection, 5 MB of free hard-disk space, and 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended). Content can be hosted on any web server and can be integrated with the majority of ecommerce applications.

About advancis.com
Since its inception, advancis.com has focused its efforts and resources on developing and marketing software applications as well as web-based services that help small and mid-sized organizations take full advantage of the World Wide Web. Through the development of smart Internet solutions, advancis.com makes it possible for enterprises with limited resources to incorporate the latest Internet technologies and techniques to create a competitive advantage on the Web. The company's smart Internet solutions include ReadyWeb™, ReadyLive™, and Online Advantage. In addition, advancis.com has teamed up with some of the Web's leading companies to offer a variety of web-based services designed to give organizations an extra edge on the Internet.

Note to editors: For more information on ReadyLive, simply visit the ReadyLive section now. A fully-operational demo version of ReadyLive can be downloaded here.

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