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advancis releases new HD video component for digital brochures and eBrochures

09/04/07 - Dallas, Texas, USA - advancis announced today the introduction of a new HD video component for its digital brochure and eBrochure product lines.

The new HD component completes the extensive line of video formats available in the advancis digital brochures. Now, marketers and online publishers can offer fullscreen HD video inside digital brochures and watch the pages come alive. With the new video selector, audiences can instantly switch from dial-up to broadband to DVD and HD quality videos in just one click. Plus, with the new fullscreen component, marketers can finally deliver true fullscreen, HD video online and offline.

Marketers who don't have HD versions of their videos yet can let advancis.studios upconvert standard definition to high definition to allow them to cater to their audience's most demanding segments today!

Stated Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com, "the introduction of fullscreen HD videos to our online brochure product line was a natural progression for us. We had worked on this new feature for 2 years, but were waiting for broadband connections and computer performance to reach a level that would make it possible for a large segment of the Internet community to enjoy beautiful, fullscreen videos at any time."

Continued Clot, "as more and more advertisers produce their commercials in HD format, publishers of traditional print media who offer online versions of their publications will be able to promote new delivery options to their clients, delivery options that were never associated with newspapers or magazines for instance. A newspaper or magazine that comes with fullscreen HD will be serious competition to other web-based or TV-based media outlets. This is a welcome sign for two industries that have been under a lot of pressure in the past 24 months."

Noted Clot, "of course, HD is rapidly becoming very popular with consumers today so the benefits of the component extend to marketers who will be able to make the pages of their marketing collateral 'come alive' like never before."

Availability | The new digital brochure component is offered via advancis.com and the advancis advertising agency network. advancis.agency, agence.advancis, agenzia.advancis and advancis.agentur are part of the advancis network of advertising agencies which spans Germany, France, Italy , the UK and the US. Since 1999, advancis has made its mark by helping large companies and companies with premium brands achieve above-average results on the Web without putting their brands and eBrands at risk.

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or online at http://advancis.com/Digital_brochure/


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