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advancis.com introduces the Web marketing guide - The first comprehensive guide for marketing on the Internet.


advancis.com has announced the introduction of the Web marketing guide, a Digital brochure™ designed to help marketing executives develop and execute Internet marketing programs.

This guide serves as a valuable tool for marketing professionals serious about promoting products and services on the Web because it separates facts from myths to ensure that users obtain solid results from their online marketing efforts.

The guide is offered in the form of a Digital brochure that will be updated continuously to feature new Internet marketing tools as well as updates for covered tool. The brochure's content will be updated via the Internet, giving the user access to the latest facts, figures, and strategies for Internet marketing every time they open their documents.

Over the next 9 weeks, the guide will feature in-depth analyses of Internet marketing tools such as ad banner advertising, eCommunity sponsorships, eNewsletter sponsorships, rich media marketing, search engine promotions, Digital brochures, and more.

Each section presents the user with step-by-step instructions as well as expert advice to help him/her get real results on the Internet.

(Click here for details about the Web marketing guide)

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