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advancis announces the introduction of a new corporate licensing program for its popular Web marketing guide


advancis announced today the launch of a new corporate licensing program for its Web marketing guide. Under the program, companies can now distribute an unlimited number of guides throughout their organizations for a low, fixed licensing fee. "The introduction of a corporate program reflects the evolution in the way organizations develop and implement online marketing strategies in 2003. Online marketing is no longer the realm of a few Web experts within a company. Fully-integrated online campaigns are being orchestrated by cross-functional marketing teams whose members need to be up-to-date on the latest developments and findings", stated Julien Luc, Director of Corporate marketing programs.

Corporate license (one year subscription)
North America European Community Other countries
US$ 995 995 euros (+ applicable sales taxes) US$ 995

Single-user license (one year subscription)
North America European Community Other countries
US$ 149 149 euros (+ applicable sales taxes) US$ 159

The guide, which was introduced in 2000, has become a valuable tool for marketing executives and their staff as it separates facts from fiction about marketing online. Part of the guide's popularity has been due to the breadth of topics covered. From ad banner advertising, eCommunity sponsorships, and ebranding, to rich media marketing, search engine promotions, digital brochures, and email marketing, the advancis Web marketing guide takes a hard look at what works and what does not work when promoting products, services, and brands online.

Offered as a web-based digital brochure, the guide is continuously updated to reflect changes in the online marketing tools and online habits of key market segments.

(Click here for details about the Web marketing guide)

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