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advancis launches multi-device web commercial campaign

advancis announced today the launch of a web commercial campaign encompassing all popular web-enabled devices, including computers, PDAs, and 2.5G / 3G phones.

The approach represents a clear departure from conventional TV-based campaign and takes advantage of recent technological advances that make it possible to deliver consistent video-based commercials on handheld devices and computers.

The campaign consists of a series of :60 and :30 spots delivered in various formats to account for the differences in technical requirements of the devices as well as differences in viewing formats. The spots were produced by advancis.studios which specializes in 3G video post-production.

The campaign will run until December 2005 and will make use of traditional and online delivery strategies to reach well-defined market segments in a cost-effective manner.

About advancis
advancis consists of a group of companies and web sites focused on providing large and mid-sized companies with clever Internet solutions suited for today's digital lifestyle. The group includes advancis.com and the advancis advertising agency network comprised of advancis.agency, agence.advancis, agenzia.advancis and advancis.agentur which spans Germany, France, Italy , the UK and the US. advancis.studios complements the agency network by offering post-production services for HD, 3G, DVD, and Web videos. Since 1999, advancis has made its mark by developing and marketing smart software applications, unique eLearning content, as well as innovative services to help companies stay one step ahead of their markets' needs and online preferences.

Note to editors
For further information, contact the advancis marketing department at:

(EU) +33(0)4 93 18 49 25
(US) 1 214-766-4854

or online at http://advancis.com/


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