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advancis.agency announces the 2003 "Best-of-class" email marketing lists survey - a collection of the world's premium email marketing lists for IT, Internet, Telecom, Financial, Insurance, Engineering, Corporate, Consumers, and Media sectors.


advancis.agency announced today the completion of the 2003 "Best-of-class" email marketing lists survey.

The collection, which began in 2000, features a full spectrum of premium opt-in email lists from the world's most respected publishers (both large and small) who offer a level of targeting precision not available with other lists.

For example, some medical lists allow advertisers to reach physicians based on their specialization, the number of years they have been in practice or even the medical school they graduated from. A sharp contrast to ordinary lists that reach people with an interest in medicine. The same level of targeting precision is available in key business sectors.

The survey eliminates accidental uses of spam lists which are increasingly disguised as legitimate opt-in lists, making it impossible for advertisers who execute large, global campaigns to fall victim to spam. The survey also steers advertisers away from publishers whose pratices drive down response rates.

All lists are thoroughly researched and analyzed against strict guidelines to ensure superior performance. Last year, lists included in the 2002 survey produced response rates ranging from 4% to 22%. "Companies with well-known brands and companies delivering superior products and services have experienced the same decline in online results as other advertisers have. That does not make marketing sense. The survey changes that, giving these key players the tools to acquire more customers" stated Bertrand Balzano, Director of marketing services at advancis.

Each year, the survey is incorporated in advancis.agency's premium email marketing service, providing advertisers with a direct connection to the world's best lists under one service category.

Quick survey facts:

IT, Telecom, Internet, Banking, Finance, Medical, Healthcare, Insurance, Engineering, Corporate management, Media, Broadcasting, Transportation, Industrial plus 250 sub-segments

Canada, USA |*| Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay |*| Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK |*| Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand.

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