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advancis.agency introduces online marketing research tool designed to provide a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, or employees.


advancis.agency announced today the availability of advancis online surveys, a web-based online marketing research service designed to help companies conduct reliable surveys online or via email. "Every effort has been made to ensure the surveys' findings are highly-reliable" stated Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com. "The service is based on advancis' premium email marketing offering to ensure that samples drawn accurately reflect the characteristics of the population being analyzed", added Clot. Online surveys can now produce findings as reliable as those produced via more traditional marketing research methods, such as phone or mail surveys. The difference is in the lower cost of survey implementation as well as immediacy of responses.

Innovative reporting features such as live tables, interactive graphs and cross-tabulation results, have been added to give marketers access to the information they need to take appropriate action rapidly. The information is automatically generated as surveys are filled out by respondents. Vital statistics are calculated on the fly.

Further, the interactive graphs make it easy to identify the needs, preferences, issues of specific market segments. Ease of use ensures that marketers will never miss vital details again. It is now easy to develop an accurate understanding of customers, prospects, or employees through a 360-degree view of your audience.

advancis online surveys can be configured to meet your specific research needs. Open-ended, close-ended, multiple choice, and progressive questions can all be included in your survey.

Once the survey is completed, marketers get additional reports in various formats to facilitate the dissemination of findings, online viewing, table and presentation preparation, and data transfer to other databases to perform additional analyses. In short, companies get everything they need in one convenient package. (Click here to view sample reports)

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