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Ecommerce is not about selling

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com


No, this is not intended as a clever commentary on the current state of affairs in cyberspace. Nor is it an attempt to coin a new concept or definition. It is a wake up call for companies doing business on the Internet, especially for businesses that are not getting solid results. Up until now, ecommerce has focused on the wrong objective: namely making sales. It's getting to the point where everything on a site is designed to generate revenues. From the advertisers' banners, buttons, sponsored links, to the banners placed by affiliate members and, of course, to the display of the actual products or services offered for sale. No one can deny that the majority of sites have evolved to become lean, mean selling machines. So what is not working?

The fact is that most sites could be very successful business ventures if one major flaw in the fundamentals of doing business of the World Wide Web were corrected. Sorry, I am not going to reveal a quick fix that will magically turn sites in cash cows because, sadly, it does not exist. Nor am I going to divulge a revolutionary new concept for doing business on the Web; there is no need to do so. As you will see, for those willing to do the work, success on the Web is much closer than people think. (more)



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