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Despite the high cost of developing brochures, the bulk of the expenses associated with using this medium comes from printing. In the end, it is not uncommon for companies to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars printing brochures destined for prospects.

Nonetheless, brochures are a necessity. The problem comes when a company is unable, despite its best efforts, to qualify its leads, and is forced to send literature to every one who requested it.

The scenario is far too common for marketing executives. The company wastes tens of thousands of dollars printing brochures for prospects who are not really interested in its offering in the first place.

Consider trade shows for instance. At first glance, it is quite difficult to determine who is a strong lead and who is not. Despite your staff's best efforts to qualify their leads at the show, you inevitably send brochures to every single person who requested literature at the booth.

In the end, because the percentage of leads who are really interested is small, the company ends up wasting thousands of dollars in brochures that may not be read once they reach the recipients' desks.

This is when eCatalogs come into play...

Benefits of eCatalogs

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