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6. ReadyLive, a new perspective on investor relations

Despite the wealth of information available on corporate web sites, most investors still have access to limited information about their companies. The problem: investors do not have the time to frequently visit corporate web sites. As a result, they tend to obtain their news from external sources that focus solely on quarterly results.

ReadyLive opens a new web-based communications channel that takes investors relations to a new level by allowing companies to automatically deliver LIVE, fully-interactive content to the desktops of investors. ReadyLive turns the investor's screen saver into a communications platform featuring information about your company only. Investors don't even have to visit your web site. Every time the screen saver is launched, ReadyLive starts pushing your company's information.

The best part is that content resides on web servers. As a result, you have the freedom to push any type of information you want in any format. For example, you can easily broadcast shareholder's meetings, make available the latest SEC filings, distribute digital copies of annual reports, share product announcements, feature stock quotes, historic charts, or even broadcast conference calls.


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