We want to make sure that you are comfortable shopping with us. To this end, we have taken several measures to ensure that your transactions will be safe. Advancis.com has adopted security measures used by some of the Web's leading ecommerce sites. Our security system automatically protects your communications through data encryption and server authentification.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
advancis.com utilizes SSL V.3 technology to protect your information over the Internet. With SSL, your information is encrypted before it is sent over the Internet. Therefore, you can rest assured that no one else will be able to read the information you provided when purchasing through the advancis.com estore.

Digital Certificate
Advancis.com is registered with InstantSSL, an independent site authority, which has issued a digital certificate to authenticate the advancis.com web site and enable SSL encryption. The certificate confirms to your browser that you are communicating with advancis.com. Only then will you be able to send the information over the Internet.

Several ordering options
If you are not completely comfortable with shopping online, simply use one of our other ordering options. You can place your orders by Fax, phone, or regular mail. Please note that order processing may take more time using these options. Or you can simply place your order online by providing the last five digits of your credit card number. An advancis.com representative will then call you to obtain the complete credit card number.


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