Step 3. Download the order form; then fill out and mail the form to:


Download order form now

Note: companies located in France must add a 19.6% sales tax. Companies located in other EU countries are not subject to the VAT if they provide their VAT registration number. Otherwise, a 19.6% sales tax will added to the order total. Be sure to include your organization's VAT registration number. (Sales taxes will appear in the confirmation email)

Please note that the order form has been saved in .pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat® Reader® in order to open the form. Acrobat Reader is a Free software application available from Adobe Systems.

Download Acrobat Reader

If Acrobat Reader is already installed on your system, you can download the form now. Once the form has been downloaded, simply open it in Acrobat Reader. The form can be filled out directly in Acrobat Reader or it can be printed and completed by hand. Windows NT users should dowload the form as follows: 1) Right-click on the form icon, then save this link as... to the hard disk. (2) Once the file has been downloaded, double-click on icon to launch Acrobat Reader.


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