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So, what is really the best Internet marketing tool?

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

3. 80/20 vision

First, there were hits; then, there were click-throughs. Now, it is time to focus on the marketing outcomes you need to achieve to attract the right prospects and transform them into customers. And when it comes to attracting the right customers, less is more.

Here is a concept that seems to work well in the real world and could certainly do wonders in cyberspace. About 80% of your revenues are generated by 20% of your customers, customers who place larger orders as well as repeat orders again and again. Why not concentrate on developing an Internet marketing strategy that reaches only these 20 %? The cost of keeping a customer often comes down to delivering what you promised plus great customer service when things go wrong. Hence, every time they come back to buy something else, your profit margins are getting healthier.

Once you know who the right prospects are, what their online purchase behaviors are, you will know where to find them. A little homework will then direct you to a few tools that will allow you to reach, educate, as well as influence their purchase decisions. While everybody else strives to drive millions of people to their sites, you will focus on the ones that really matter. (more)


On the Web, 10% is not always larger than 1.5%
Are click-throughs that important?
80/20 vision



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