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So, what is really the best Internet marketing tool?

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

2. Are click-throughs that important?

The obsession with click-through rates and traffic was ignited by the very dotcoms that are now disappearing from the face of the World Wide Web.

The problem is that click-throughs are too often viewed as an end in themselves. Most marketers would be surprised to know that even if their efforts generated high click-through rates, it might not be enough to produce solid results. First, a large number visitors will never get passed the advertiser's home page. Before even starting, the site never has a real chance of turning the visitor into a customer (see :: When numbers lie: the hidden danger of web site traffic). Second, a disturbingly large number of sites still cannot effectively sell the products and services they feature. These sites are capable of taking orders, but they cannot actually turn visitors into buyers.

Don't get me wrong, click-throughs are vital in specific situations where sites have been designed to transform prospects into customers and competition for the prospects' attention is still relatively low, allowing for an acceptable customer-acquisition cost. Otherwise, marketers might be better off exploring opportunities to extend the web content outside of their site. Several tools can give advertisers a real edge as they start the prospect/customer transformation process before the prospect even reaches the advertiser's site. (more)


On the Web, 10% is not always larger than 1.5%
Are click-throughs that important?
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