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So, what is really the best Internet marketing tool?

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

For some reason, it seems that Internet marketing service providers are not delivering on their promises. Despite the availability of dozens of new and improved Internet marketing tools _ each claiming to be better than the rest when it comes to driving traffic to a web site _ most marketing professionals are still not satisfied with the results they obtain on the Web.

For some reason, above-average click-through rates, which are prominently featured in case study after case study, suddenly become very average at 3 to 4 percent only, making it often too costly to attract a potential customer to a web site.

It seems that marketers who have years of experience attracting customers offline are incapable of replicating their success on the Web. Some choose to allocate their online marketing budget to different solutions in hopes of finding the tool that will finally make it worthwhile to do business on the Internet. However, for most companies, success by trial and error is not an option as tight cash positions dictate that all marketing endeavors generate satisfactory results. With 2004 being a decisive year for many Internet and click-and-bricks companies, online marketing professionals are faced with a difficult decision: selecting the best Internet marketing tool that will enable them to achieve the desired marketing outcomes while meeting stringent financial targets. (more)

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