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Ecommerce is not about selling

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com


2. So, what is ecommerce? [1 of 2]

If ecommerce is not about selling, then what is it all about? Well, the key to doing business on the Internet is the same as doing business in the real world: achieving complete customer satisfaction. Forget about Web technologies for a moment; forget about next-generation web sites or rich media advertising. Get back to the basics: you are in business to meet specific needs and wants of a particular group of prospects. Your ultimate objective is to accomplish complete customer satisfaction. Sure, sales are part of the equation but they are not an end in themselves. Sales are needed because there must be an exchange between your company and your customer so that you can help him/her resolve a problem or satisfy a want.

It is not a revolutionary concept, but it forces managers to rethink their approach to doing business online. More importantly, it represents a starting point for solidifying the foundation of Internet activities, setting the direction for current and future Internet initiatives, as well as defining a web site's structure, strategy, and content. The result: clarity. Suddenly, determining which technologies will take you a step closer to achieving customer satisfaction is a lot easier; deciding what creates value to your audience a lot clearer. Maybe offering low-rate products for FREE is not really what your target market wants. Your customers might be willing to spend more on a product if it includes features that will help them reach their goals. The impact on your bottom line cannot be ignored. As you develop a system for achieving customer satisfaction, a viable online business model will emerge.


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2. So, what is ecommerce?
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