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Building a powerful e-brand

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

2. Creating a powerful e-brand (3 of 3)

Finally, e-branding focuses on building equity in cyberspace using a variety of Internet-based marketing tools. The good news is that low-CPM Internet marketing tools will work as well as high-CPM vehicles. This is particularly important when you consider the fact that a strong brand is the result of repetition.

Remember the goal is to create brand awareness and then make the necessary investment to build brand equity. You do not need to sponsor keywords for that. Identifying the appropriate categories and channels on a search engine and placing branding banners will do the trick. Also worth considering: sponsoring newsletters, sponsoring online communities, or email marketing.

Always favor a communications program that combines several tools over one that focuses on using only one marketing vehicle because your audience will typically encode the information differently if it is delivered in different formats. Different encoding means that the information will be easier to retrieve.

3. e-Branding for today and tomorrow (next)

What is branding?
Creating a powerful e-brand
e-Branding for today and tomorrow



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