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Building a powerful e-brand

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

2. Creating a powerful e-brand (2 of 3)

Other aspects specific to e-branding include dealing with the issues of trust and privacy.With privacy and security rating high on the list of concerns of cybershoppers, companies must clearly indicate, through their e-brands, their position on these issues. This way, all products and services offered under the brand name will inherit its reputation. As new concerns or values emerge in the emarketplace, e-brand managers must reposition their brand to meet their audiences expectations, needs or wants.

Plus, brand managers must also avoid falling victim to spammarketing to prevent damaging their e-brands. Spammarketing or unknowingly using spam techniques to deliver a message on the Internet is more wide-spread than believed. This emphasizes the importance of selecting reliable sources when executing online marketing strategies. A wrong move could land your e-brand and site a spot on the dreaded black list -- the equivalent of a real world boycott of your company's offering. Consequently, e-brand managers are well versed in Netiquette.

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What is branding?
Creating a powerful e-brand
e-Branding for today and tomorrow



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