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Building a powerful e-brand

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

1. What is branding? (2 of 2)

A brand distinguishes a company's offerings, transforming its products and services into augmented products and services. Suddenly, the product becomes more than it is (1). The yellow Ralph Lauren polo shirt becomes more than the same yellow polo shirt without the Ralph Lauren logo. Investments in brand equity also benefit companies that resell the products and services of others. For some reason, your friends will be more impressed if you offer them a bottle of Crystal champagne from Neiman Marcus than the same bottle coming from the local wine store. That reason is no accident.

People, consumers and professionals alike, form an image of the brand based on all the messages it sends. Hence, a company's entire communications program defines what a particular brand represents and how it is perceived by the audience. Through clear and constant communications, a brand slowly acquires an identity (2). This means everything a company does online or offline plays an important role in building a strong brand. It includes its logo, advertising style, communications style, web site design, etc...

The important thing to remember is that your brand will acquire an identity whether you plan it or not. Hence, the importance of taking control over your company's branding strategy, after all it is your brand. As you can see brand management is not for technology and Internet companies only.

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What is branding?
Creating a powerful e-brand
e-Branding for today and tomorrow



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