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Building a powerful e-brand

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

1. What is branding? (1 of 2)

Part of the problem with branding is that many professionals have a vague idea or rather a misconception of what a brand is and what it does. Often confusing brand awareness with brand equity, online marketing managers embark on initiatives that return at best a small fraction of their potential value. Case in point: the terrible use of banner advertising. It is clear that banners as they are today represent a poor tool for generating traffic to a site. Yet, they are the perfect vehicle for building brand equity; for educating target markets about what a brand stands for, its values, and positioning; and for creating and reinforcing a brand's unique image and message.

So why do 99 percent of banners still emphasize "click here" over the brand's message which is, in most cases, absent? All we see are logos associated with the same message repeated banner after banner. Clearly a poor way to differentiate a company's offering. Isn't that one of the main objectives of a brand?

What is branding? (1 | 2)


What is branding?
Creating a powerful e-brand
e-Branding for today and tomorrow



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