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Can small businesses succeed on the Web?

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

1. Priority email

What is worse than a web site without a contact us form? A web site with contact us form where no one responds to prospects' queries. Our research shows that a very small percentage of businesses actually take the time to respond to visitors' questions or requests for information. This is not limited to small companies; this unfortunate practice is widespread and affects even the biggest and best companies.

What does it mean for your company? A great opportunity to generate sales by establishing a relationship with potential prospects. Always respond to email correspondence; and try your best to respond quickly (within 24 hours is ideal). By the time other companies react (if they react at all) to the prospect's request, you will have initiated a very important dialogue and started transforming her into a customer. This will play to your advantage when the time to make the decision comes because it will indicate the type of customer service she might expect to receive after purchasing the product.



Priority email
Keep an eye on your competitors
You are not a web expert, but...
Keep it professional, please.
Desirez-vous une demonstration de ce produit?
Measure, measure, measure
The power of a domain name


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