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First-mover advantage: a new perspective on Internet marketing

by Claudie Clot, CEO of advancis.com

Pitfall 1. Too late to the game

The Internet has done more than simply deliver new tools to market products and services. Most professionals are led to believe that Internet marketing simply entails using Internet-based tools to market their products and services. Well that's true but.... that's not the complete picture. A new dimension to marketing has been added: that of first-mover's advantage. Often reserved to describe corporate strategies, this term has become perfectly suited for Internet marketing because a big part of achieving remarkable results on the Web is being among the first to use the marketing technique/tool in question. Case in point: web site promotions on search engines. A few years ago, simple page optimization (adding meta tags to your web page source, cleverly composing page titles, etc...) and submission to search engines was enough to assure a very good ranking in the indexes.

Today, these techniques are routinely used by every webmaster. That's hundreds of thousands of companies doing the same thing. As a result, the chances that your site will generate significant traffic from search engines have decreased dramatically. Why bother? Well, search engines still represent vital elements of the Web where millions of surfers congregate every day. Plus, perseverance eventually leads to positive results. Nonetheless, search engine promotion has evolved. What was appropriate just a few years ago is not enough today. The sheer number of sites composing the World Wide Web forces marketing professionals to constantly rethink their approaches to marketing on the Web. The best approach is to closely keep an eye on how the market and Internet marketing tools evolve in an effort to be among the first to exploit new or improved techniques. (Click here for an example of new search engine promotion strategiess).

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Pitfall 1. Too late to the game
Pitfall 2. Too easy to forget the rules
Pitfall 3. Failing to use the right tool for the right job
Pitfall 4. Falling victim to spammarketing


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