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The power of secondary domain names

By now, every business professional is aware of the importance of having a great domain name. After all, your domain name is literally your address on the Web. With an easy to find or remember address, visitors are more likely to frequent your online business.

But obtaining great domain names is expensive as exemplified by the recent sale of business.com for US $7.5 million. What happens when you can't spend thousands of dollars of that dream URL? What if it is no longer available? Is your ecommerce venture destined to be isolated on the World Wide Web?

No site should be penalized because it arrived too late to the game or because some else got the idea for the domain name first. That's when secondary domain names come into play...

The idea is to use secondary domain names to create a superb web address for your web site without investing your entire budget into a URL.

Once you have reserved a domain name, you can easily create secondary domain names. For instance, let's say hawaii.com is not available; you reserve inhawaii.com. You could then create any secondary domain names based on the inhawaii.com domain. The possibilities are unlimited:


Secondary domain names can point to any IP address. Plus, you can also easily point to specific pages on your site. This represents a great way to direct prospects to right sections of your site.

The procedure is simple. Choose a domain name that is part of your desired Internet address. Then simply contact your server administrator or ISP to add the desired secondary domain name. You do not need to contact the InterNIC for secondary domain names; you have complete control. The results are powerful URLs that are very easy to dictate and remember.

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