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Bonus traffic from Meta engines

Meta engines offer a big advantage over conventional search engines because they give users the opportunity to query many search engines at once. The results of the queries are often of higher quality because they represent the best matches from all search engines queried.

As a result, Meta engines are growing in popularity. More and more web surfers are relying on these engines to locate the information they need on the Web. In fact, these engines have become so popular that companies can dramatically increase traffic to their sites by getting listed on Meta engines.

Some Meta engines (www.c4.com) list the top matching site from the search engines queried while others (www.dogpile.com) list the top ten sites. In either case, your site must be included in the search engines queried before it can appear on a Meta engine list of matching sites. What's more, the site must occupy a top one or top ten position.

We all know that top one and top ten positions on major search engines are very difficult to obtain. But this should not prevent you from enjoying extra traffic from Meta engines. There is one easy way to get included in the Meta engine listings.

The solution: adding your site to the only pay-for-position site included in Meta engine queries: Goto.com. Through a clever bidding system, Goto.com gives companies the opportunity to choose the position they want on a list of matching sites for a particular query. Bid high enough to achieve a top one or ten ranking, and your site will be included in the Meta searches. It is that easy. All of sudden, your site will enjoy the same exposure as a top one or top ten site on Yahoo, Altavista, or Infoseek.

One important thing to remember is that every time a user clicks on your listing, you will be charged the amount you bid on the keyword whether the user was on goto.com site or the Meta engine site. Nonetheless, with top ten positions still available for a few cents, this makes it a very cost-effective way to attract qualified leads to your site.

Submission procedure:
1. Open an account on Goto.com (www.Goto.com)
2. Bid high enough on relevant keywords to achieve desired ranking
3. Enter a very specific title and description for your web site. This way, you will only attract high-quality prospects who are genuinely interested in your offerings.
4. Enjoy the extra traffic!

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