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Web site design represents a critical element of every web strategy. After all, your prospects form an image of your organization based on what they see on your web pages. While a professional web design can enhance your revenues on the Web by projecting a strong image to your audience, it can become very expensive if your web site contains a lot of pages or if you frequently update its content. Unfortunately, for most small companies, it means that hiring the services of professional web design agencies is simply out of reach.

Fortunately, several resources are available to help you create a professional image on the web when on a budget. No need to limit your potential on the Internet because of small marketing budgets. By selecting the right tools, you too can project a strong image. The goal is to avoid at all costs the "amateurish" look, a characteristic of most small and even mid-sized organizations on the Internet.

First and foremost, you must develop web design skills. The Internet will play a growing role in your organization's strategy. More than likely, you will shift most of your efforts to online activities in order to remain competitive in the e-marketplace. So now is a good time to start taking control of your web site. Beginning with its design.

For less than a $ 1,000, you can easily create a site that looks as if you had spent 10 times as much. The key is to mix the right elements : buttons, page layouts, colors, images, and even multimedia. Integrate high quality content and you will have a site that differentiate your company on the World Wide Web.


Professional photographs and illustrations

The images you use on your web site can make a real difference. In this case, the decision is easy: select only photographs and illustrations created by professionals. The quality of royalty-free photos and illustrations has increased dramatically over the past few years. Today, for a couple hundred dollars, you can have photos that will make even the biggest sites very jealous. Plus, the number of categories has literally exploded. No matter what your line of business is, there is a CD with hundreds of incredible images for you.

We recommend 3 sources of professional royalty-free photography and illustrations: 1. Eyewire, 2. Corbis and 3. Photodisc. Be sure to check out their master collections for some remarkable shots guaranteed to grab your audience's attention. The typical CD costs between US $199 and US $ 349 and includes anywhere between 60 to 100 images. The best part is that there are no additional licensing fees associated with the use of the images. You can use them on banners if you plan to advertise on other sites and still keep a consistent image at a low cost. Images are offered at several resolutions, so you can drop them in your web pages directly.


Ready-to-use animations and multimedia files

Animations and multimedia files can be time-consuming and very expensive to create. These often remain the exclusivity of large companies. Well, significant progress has been made in this area as well. Several firms are now offering royalty-free collections of animations, music, and videos ready to be used on your web site. The quality of the files is superb, allowing you to give your web site a real professional touch in no time. Again, we recommend 1. Photodisc and 2. Eyewire for their array of top-quality CDs. You will save thousands of dollars in licensing fees over time. No need to hire the services of professionals, the hard work has already been done for you. Prices for the CDs range from US$159 to US$399.


Professional web pages ready for the Internet

You have the photos, illustrations animations and music. Now, all you need is a professional web page. This is where most companies that operate on a shoe-string budget tend to falter. You do not have to be a web design to create professional-looking web pages. Nor do you need to hire the services of web design agencies. Not if you use the right tools. In this area, we are proud to mention that ReadyWeb™ is still the premier source for professional web page designs. With ReadyLive, you access to more than 30,000 headers and buttons in 11 languages to give your web site a professional look in no time. This is not a collection of clip-art. All graphics have been designed by professional designers to make your web site stand out. Simply drag and drop the graphics into your current site or use one of fifteen professionally-designed templates to build the web site that will set your company apart from the millions of sites present on the Web today. It is the ideal solution for companies with limited budgets who want to make a big impact on the Web. ReadyWeb retails for US $425.


Powerful design combined with rich content and a solid strategy will give you a real advantage on the Internet. Today, thanks to innovative and professional companies you have access to tools that can make a big difference on how successful you are in the emarketplace. The key is to weigh all your options and allocate your resources in an effort to make the biggest impact. In some instances, hiring a professional agency makes more sense. However, you can still lower you expenses by purchasing these web tools and providing your agency with ready-made design elements. This way it will not have to create everything. And that means less money leaving your safe.


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