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Sample ReadyLive applications

Because ReadyLive(v2) gives you complete control over what your audience sees and how it interacts with the content you deliver, there are virtually unlimited uses for the application.

ReadyLive has been developed to offer you the flexibility you need to enhance your results on the Web. Whether you want to increase quality traffic to your web site, enhance online revenues, encourage repeat visits, or simply get an edge over the rest of the market, ReadyLive gives you the tools to make it happen.

The following examples are intended to illustrate simple applications for ReadyLive. Don't forget to download the free demo version for more examples on getting an edge using a ReadyLive push program.


1. ReadyLive as a cost-effective giveaway

2. ReadyLive, the ideal solution for content providers

3. ReadyLive to give portals an extra edge

4. ReadyLive, digital alma mater

5. ReadyLive, ecommerce on a new level

6. ReadyLive a new perspective on investor relations


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