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4. ReadyLive, digital alma mater

Universities and colleges can now provide alumni with a simple way to stay in touch with their alma mater by implementing a ReadyLive push program that delivers campus news, announcements, achievements, events, as well as information about executive programs or the results of their favorite football and basketball teams. Because the information can be delivered automatically to the desktops of alumni all over the world, ReadyLive represents the ideal solution to the rupture in communication that often occurs between former students and their schools.

Plus, ReadyLive offers an easy way to let alumni interact with the university through web-based forms and more. As a result, alumni can become more responsive to fund-raising initiatives and other requests for support. Moreover, universities can easily accept donations and contributions directly through the ReadyLive screen by establishing secure connections.

The best part is that the information is delivered in digital format, helping universities keep expenses under control as the number of alumni increases.



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