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3. ReadyLive to give portals an extra edge

In the portals war, the most sought-after position is the web browser's start page. In effect, this position ensures that web surfers will view the portal's content every time they use their browsers. For portals, this means guaranteed traffic. The only problem is that there can be only one start page, limiting the chances of benefiting from this constant flow of traffic.

ReadyLive takes this approach to a new level to give portals an edge by ensuring that their content will be viewed every time web surfers use their computers whether they use their web browsers or not. This clear advantage can generate the traffic portals need to enhance their advertising revenues. Plus, since screen savers are typically launched several times in a day, the impressions or page views will simply soar.

The best part is that ReadyLive can push virtually all web-based content; therefore search forms or search boxes can be easily integrated with the content to preserve the look, feel and functionality of the portal's actual web site.



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