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6. ReadyLive, a new perspective on investor relations

ReadyLive allows you to capitalize on the Web's strengths as global communications medium to educate your investors about who your company really is, what is does, and how it maximizes shareholder's value in an effort to help them recognize that it represents a sound, long-term investment. Ultimately, it will assist you in reducing investor turnover through frequent communications.

The file size of a ReadyLive client application is small. So small in fact (only 389k) that it can easily be distributed via the Internet or standard diskettes. Therefore, you can prepare diskettes for distribution at shareholders meetings, make your ReadyLive application available for download on your web site, or include diskettes with your annual reports to encourage investors to install the application.

The pricing structure greatly benefits public companies since licensees have the right to distribute an unlimited number of ReadyLive applications via any electronic distribution system (Internet, World Wide Web, newsgroups, and bulletin boards). Hence, no matter how many investors your company has or will have, you pay just one low licensing fee. Plus, since ReadyLive content is always up-to-date, you can distribute the same application fiscal year after fiscal year.

For companies wishing to include diskettes with their upcoming annual reports, also offers the options to prepare diskettes ready for distribution.


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